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How to properly wear rings

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How to properly wear rings

A ring activates a person's energy program and biofield, and a lot depends on which hand and which finger you wear your ring.

The right hand is considered a conductor of masculine energy, and wearing a ring on your right hand will activate certain areas of your life.

A ring worn on the left hand will be a conduit of female energy and will be able to protect you in certain situations.

The material the ring is made of should also be taken into account.

Gold as an active solar metal activates energy, and silver protects its owner from negative effects.

A gold ring placed on the thumb of your right hand will improve your material situation, if you put on a silver ring you will strengthen your intuition.

If you wear a ring on the thumb of your left hand, you will have the opportunity to get real fruits from your knowledge and opportunities.

The pointer unites man with God. It would be good to wear a silver ornament on this finger.

The middle finger of the right hand is responsible for fate and karma. Wearing a ring on the middle finger will help a person clear his karmic debts faster.

The ring finger brings success, harmony and love in the family.

It is good to wear a gold ring on the ring finger of the right hand, in this way all spheres in your life will be activated. Also, this ring will unite the energies of the partners and activate their relationship.

A wedding ring made of silver can cause a person to become cold in their relationships and strive not to give their love but only to accept someone else's.

If the spouses have separated, it is desirable that they return the wedding rings and thus give freedom to themselves and their partner for a new relationship. Another way is to put their wedding ring on the left hand and thus purify the energies from their past marriage.

If you want to become sociable, then put a gold ring with a red stone on the little finger of your right hand.

A silver ring placed on the little finger of the right hand will bring its owner peace of mind in life.