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Folk beliefs about salt and sugar

When we unexpectedly spill salt or sugar, a lot of thoughts go through our heads, whether this is for good or trouble awaits us. What do these signs predict and should we take them seriously.

If salt is spilled

Spilled salt is a bad sign and predicts a quarrel with a loved one. There are many such examples that explain their meaning. In the past, salt was a very expensive commodity and was owned by the richer people, and if someone spilled salt, they cursed and beat him.

Nowadays, everyone has and uses salt. There is a belief that when a girl oversalts her food, it is a sign of love, because when a person is in love, he is distracted and can make such mistakes.

Spilled sugar is a good sign foreshadowing a sweet and cloudless life. Fate tells you that soon there will be many joys and pleasant moments in your life. It is especially favorable for young girls. If a young woman has spilled sugar, an interesting acquaintance with a man is possible very soon.

What wonders salt works

Salt has been considered a symbol of wisdom and purity since ancient times. It was often used in magical practices and rituals.

Clearing negative influence with salt

This is a very effective method to clear the home of negative influence in order to create an atmosphere of understanding and coziness in your home. To achieve this, it is necessary to perform a magical cleansing once a month. For this, you need to pour a little salt in all corners of your home. After that, it is necessary to take holy water and pour it on the salt. During the entire time of the ritual, it is necessary to read the prayer "Our Father". The salt needs to wait at least three hours. After this ritual, the salt may darken, this is evidence that there is negative energy in your home. After the ritual, you will feel harmony and coziness in your home.

-Never lend salt from home and try not to take someone else's salt either. In the first case, you give your success to other people, and in the second, you will absorb someone else's energy, which may be negative.

-Don't pass the salt shaker to other people's table. The person who does this may lose his luck and attract misfortune.

-Store the salt in wooden containers, so the salt will be able to retain its magical powers.

- To attract money, it is necessary to leave salt in a box on the table at night. This salt should be changed every three days. It cannot be used after the feeding ritual, it is discarded in running water. It would be good to start the ritual on a new moon.