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Pronouns for different situations

Her names are very strong magic words that can attract success, get rid of troubles. People have long used this magical ritual to deal with diseases, to get rid of enemies, in difficult situations, to attract success.

Names are pronounced in specific situations or on objects to charge them with positive energy.

We offer you some nicknames that our ancestors used.

On a wallet wallet- As many stars as there are in the sky, so much money to have in the wallet.

To please a person - Treat him with candy and whisper: As candy is tasty and pleasant to you, so may I please you.

To the enemy - A nail is stuck in your feet, you have no more way to me.

To the gossip girl - Don't make up lies, bite your tongue and shut up and don't even think about gossip and gossip.

When parting between partners, if you want your partner to return to you again - As the moisture in the earth returns, so you say his name and you will return to me.

For an insult - Lightning in the ground scum in the river and you yourself swallow your poison.

For success - As my shadow always walks with me, so may success always be with me.

For the realization of projects and dreams - Everything conceived by me to be fulfilled and be for my good and the good of the world.

It would be good to say these names in a whisper, so that other people, if there are any near you, do not hear them.

In the spoken words, try to put your intention supported by your energy.