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Magic rituals for money on a full moon

In ancient times, people did not divide time into hours and minutes, the main indicators of time were the rising and setting of the Sun, the position of the stars, the phases of the Moon, the transition of the Moon from one cycle to another was of particular importance for performing magical rituals .

Such a period is the full moon.

Already in ancient times, people began to feel the influence of the phases of the moon on themselves. The energy not only of people, but also of the planet as a whole has been activated, that is why the full moon has such great significance for magic. Full moon rituals can attract wealth, success, beauty and love. In this article, we will tell you about affordable magical rituals to improve your financial situation.

Magic for money

A coin is used for this purpose, on the night of the full moon, a coin is turned to the moon and it is said: A coin as round as the moon filled my life with wealth and money for my good and for the good of my immediate surroundings this magic created. The text is repeated three times. The coin is then allowed to be heated by the moonlight. In the morning, a coin is taken and carried with you constantly. If you do not get the desired result, repeat the ritual on the next full moon.

Magic with a candle for money

A green candle is needed for this purpose. Before lighting the candle, write money with a felt-tip pen or needle. The ritual should be performed at night when the moon is visible. Place coins of different values around the candle. Light the candle near the window through which the moon is best seen and say: As the moon shines brightly and kindles the flame of the candle, may the light attract and increase my finances for my good and the good of my immediate surroundings without harming anyone. Let the candle burn down to the end collect the coins and the rest of the candle and put it in your wallet, purse.