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Rituals with candles for money, success and love

Candles are considered powerful magical tools. Amazing things can be done with their help.

A ritual to attract love

A red or pink candle will be needed for the ritual. Light a candle and focus on your desire. Concentrate your gaze on the flame, it is necessary to imagine your love as vividly as possible. Looking at the fire, you should imagine yourself in the desired development of the life situation.. You do not need to tell anyone about the ritual in order to be successful. It would be good to do it on a new moon.

With the help of a candle, you can influence a person, but you should be especially careful with this ritual because you can change the person's life. To perform the candle ritual with a needle, you must write the name of the one you wish to influence. Light a candle and concentrate on that particular person and imagine what you wish to happen to them. The main thing in this ritual is to have a good concentration of thoughts and most importantly to use it only for noble purposes. If you do it with negative thoughts, you can negatively affect the person and the operator.

To attract success

The ritual is done on a growing Moon. Light a candle with a golden color and place a banknote under it. When the candle has burned completely, the remains of a banknote must be hidden and not shown to anyone. The banknote is a kind of talisman charged with the energy of the growing Moon, which will certainly help you improve your material situation.