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Moon magic

Moon magic has been known since ancient times. It is a traditional direction in magic. As is known, the Moon strongly influences the Earth, namely these properties are used by magicians and priests. Each lunar cycle carries its own energy, and therefore rites and rituals are subordinated to these phases.

First quarter- These days are suitable for performing a ritual to make a talisman, which will bring new successes and recognition to its owner. Charms for health and well-being can also be made.

Full Moon - At this moment, the power of the Moon is at its zenith. This time is most favorable for Moon magic.

Waning Moon- This period is used to make amulets to remove obstacles, resolve conflicts, deliver harm.

A Ritual to Charge Moon Power

In order to connect with the moon and use its powers, you need to get a glass vessel and a silverware. Put the silver article in the water on the night of the full moon, put it in a suitable place where the moon can shine on it. In the morning you can drink from the charged water. Through this ritual, you will receive the blessing and protection of the Moon and tap into its information field and its powers.

We wish you luck!