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How to drag success in our time of need?

For many centuries, people have sought to use the inclination of Fortune for good. It was for this reason that they wore amulets and performed rituals for success.

There are several ways through which we can attract success. These ways can work only when we really need them.

When leaving home, look in the mirror and smile. The very reflection of your smile will help you make this day a success for you.

If you are in a tight spot and need to make a quick decision, you will need to make some kind of change. If you have a ring you can take it off and move it to another finger or your other hand. Your mind will clear up and tell you the right decision.

If you don't feel well and have low self-esteem. Take a deep breath in and out ten times. Do the exercise with your eyes closed. This ritual will restore your strength and bring harmony and peace back into your life.

If you are going to an important meeting or gathering put a handful of salt in your pocket. When you reach the place, discard the salt. Your success is guaranteed.

If someone curses or insults you immediately cross your fingers or hands. Thus, you create an energy blockage that does not allow the negative influence to pass through to you. And this means that the mood after the unpleasant conversation will not worsen.

In order for the event to take place as you planned it, the day before it, before you go to sleep, imagine the person on whom the solution of your question depends. Mentally thank him that he will do what you want. Also imagine that you draw on him for his goodness.

Put an old coin in your shoe. This is a very powerful magical ritual for success. When you need help, tap your foot three times and your request will be granted.

And most importantly, with positive thoughts and desires, act to achieve your goal.