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Magic for money and well-being

The new moon is an auspicious time to perform magical actions in order to increase financial status and well-being.

Ritual for financial well-being

For the ritual you will need land, good if you get it from the field or the mountain. Two coins of different value and paper money, the total value of which corresponds to the number seven.

Taurus is ruled by the earth element, that's why we use earth in magic.

After a new one, make a small package in which put the earth at the bottom and wrap the coins in the money on top. Leave this pack overnight on your window or balcony to be charged by the moon. In the morning, open the package, sprinkle the ground on the street and put the coins and money in your purse. This will be your talisman for financial success and well-being.

On the next new moon, you can repeat this ritual.

We wish you luck!