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Rules for fulfilling wishes

Why do some wishes come true and others don't? Why do some people get what they want and others don't?

Everything is very simple, a person's wish comes true if he receives the right energy direction. There are some conditions to make the wish come true.

Try and everything will work out.

Do you need to know exactly what you want?

In the wish fulfillment technique, the most important thing is the correct wording. Example: If you want to get the job you want, you must constantly imagine that you have already got it and are working in that position.

You must be confident in your desire

Remember that nothing is impossible. It's your own fault if your wish doesn't come true. Believe in its fulfillment, without your faith nothing will happen.

Talk about your desire in the present tense

You should not say I want this position and I work in this position. In this way, you will make your wish come true.

You must also feel emotions. Your desire should become a source of inspiration. If you do not have positive emotions, your wish will not come true.

Your desire should not be negative.

If you want to harm someone, it will hardly work, but you will rather harm yourself.

Gratitude to the universe is a powerful source of energy to fulfill desires. Speak words of gratitude to the universe despite all life situations and events.

Most importantly, the desire itself must be directed at you personally. Dreaming about the well-being of relatives and friends in this case will not be helpful. They have to do this for themselves.

And most importantly, don't forget to imagine that your wish has already come true