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How to increase your money according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, a person's money is dependent on the elements that rule in the year of their birth. This means that some people will have more money and others less.

First we need to know what element rules the year of our birth. The last digit of the year of birth shows which element we are according to Feng Shui.

0 and 1 - metal

2 and 3 water

4 and 5 - wood

6 and 7 fire

8 and 9 land

Earth element

According to Feng Shui, the element of earth means stability, reliability and confidence. Such qualities are necessary for the representatives of this element to have good finances. Many times people born in these years hinder themselves or limit their opportunities with their pessimistic mood. In order to have financial success, the representatives of this element must work in an activity that is close to their heart, or turn their hobby into a source of income. In this way, they will not experience a shortage of material means.

Element of the tree

This element brings accuracy, order, reliability, but with it, small things confuse the situation. Representatives of this element should be very careful with their money. To arrange them in their wallet by denomination, to store their money at home in one place and not scattered. Another important condition for financial prosperity is to always have large denomination banknotes.

Element of metal

The metal symbolizes hardness, determination and endurance. People of this element must have a specific goal, then their money will multiply. To plan their expenses and income.

Element of water

The element of water is characterized by change and the fulfillment of dreams. The peculiarity of people born in the year of this element is that their thoughts very often materialize. They must be careful what they say, what they wish for, and what they think. And most importantly, learn to think about money with respect.

Fire element

This element is characterized by activity and power. Representatives of this element must spend their money. Savings and the constant setting aside of cash for rainy days plagues cash flows. The money in the hands of these people must be in constant motion. Also, as amazing as the financial status of these people may seem, it also depends on their personal life. If you haven't had an intimate life for a long time, don't expect money soon. When you are with a loved one, the universe opens up opportunities for wealth.

Use the recommendations of Feng Shui to be well materially