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A talisman for finding work

Job search is a complex process in our life, by doing wrong actions or having doubts, we may not find the job we want. In this case, we can use non-traditional ways of finding a job.

How to create a talisman for success in the job search

The most suitable for making such a talisman are the fourth or seventh lunar day. For this purpose, you need three candles, two green and one red, not a precious stone with a yellow color, which you should buy on Tuesday, a piece of leather in which to wrap the yellow stone and a piece of paper with a pen. We begin to create the talisman itself. Take a sheet of paper and write on it what job you want, at what pay. The description should be very detailed and cover all parameters. Living conditions, team, manager, prospects for career advancement. However, these parameters must be written in the present tense.

For example: I have a job in a large company. I get a big salary. My supervisor welcomes my new ideas. I cooperate with reliable partners.

Then describe the functions you wish to perform. I lead the negotiations with partners, develop strategies, train new associates or others.

After you have written down everything you want from the new job, proceed to the creation of the mascot.

Light the candles. Place the sheet with the written characteristics in front of you, take the yellow stone and place it between your hands and begin to read and visualize what is written. Imagine a silver ray coming out of your solar plexus and penetrating the yellow stone. After that, this beam dissolves and attracts the attention of the people necessary for your case. After a successful visualization, wrap the yellow stone in the skin, and say: My destiny guides me to succeed in the new venture and to be assigned to the job I want. Then burn what you wrote on the candles. Wait for the candles to burn down, collect the remains and throw them into running water.

How to use the talisman

Always carry your charged stone with you to the interview and hold it in your left hand. In this way, you will be able to protect your positive energy flows and you will inspire confidence in the employer. After receiving the job, keep the talisman in a secret place and you can use it again if necessary.

We wish you success!