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What does your aura predict?

The subject of the aura, the light invisible to the naked eye around the human body, causes great mystery. The article will tell you what this aura is and how it affects our lives.

The word aura comes from Greek and can be translated as breath. The aura reflects the information field that surrounds the human body. The aura radiates information about the person's personality, his image of life, his thoughts and feelings. With amazing accuracy, the aura reflects our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Characteristic - shape of the aura

The aura is a covering that surrounds the human body. The shape of the aura is harmonious when a person is mentally stable and full of energy and strength. With mental instability, the shape of the aura changes.


The dimensions of the aura mean the radiation, which can be from a few centimeters to a few meters along the human body. The size of the aura is larger when a person is spiritually developed and has a strong energy potential.


The more purposeful a person is and has harmonious behavior, the denser his aura is.

People who are depressed have an aura of low density.

Color palette

The aura of different people can flow in bizarre colors. The color of the aura should be crystal clear. Cloudy can mean inner disharmony. A transparent and clean aura predicts inner harmony and a quest for perfection.

How to determine the main background of our aura? One of the methods for determining the background of the aura is described by a New Zealand para psychologist. This is a digital method. For this purpose, the day, month and year of the person's birth are collected.

For example, a person born on July 12, 1974, the total number is four, which corresponds to a green background of the aura.

Number one

A red background of the aura predicts sensuality and cheerfulness. The bearers of an aura with a red background are ambitious, goal-oriented, free-spirited and optimistic people.

Number two

An orange background of the aura predicts health and harmony. People with such an aura background are sociable, kind and always come to the rescue.

Number three

The yellow background of the aura testifies to creative and intellectual abilities. The bearers of such an aura background are communicative, creative. It would be good for them to find a job that they like and try to achieve perfection in this field.

Number four

Green aura background this is the color of nature. The bearers of this background easily adapt to the circumstances, but they are also compassionate, responsive and people who love contacts. The recommendation to such people is to constantly set new tasks and engage in self-improvement.

Number five

The light blue background of the aura testifies to a love of travel and a quest to find the truth. It also predicts creative abilities and a rich imagination. The bearers of this aura background feel eternally young and strive for great achievements. The recommendation for these people is to focus on one work and not to start a new one until it is finished.

Number six

Dark blue background color of the aura testifies to nobility and humanism. As a rule, such people are self-confident, responsible and caring towards those around them. A recommendation to such people is to learn to relax and not burden themselves with unnecessary responsibilities.

Number seven

Violet background of the aura predicts great spirituality, intuition and clear vision. People with such an aura background help people with tact and restraint. As a rule, they do not like to turn to anyone for help and rely only on their own strength.

Number eight

A pink background of the aura testifies to materialism and purposefulness, hard work. Such people are gentle and caring and firmly stand their ground.

Number nine

A bronze background of the aura predicts humanitarianism and self-sacrifice. The bearers of this background are caring, gentle but also determined. They willingly help people and have a very positive mindset.

Number eleven

A silver background of the aura predicts intuition and idealism. The owners of such an aura background are spiritual people with a rich imagination and great intuition. When choosing friends, acquaintances trust their intuition.