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Day of the summer solstice - beliefs and rituals

On June 21, the points of sunrise and sunset will stop moving. According to pagan beliefs, this day is considered very magical and strong energetically. On this day, people can program their future in order to realize important life goals.

These rituals of the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius can be especially helpful. Earth and air signs will also have the opportunity to change their destiny, but on a smaller scale. Until the water signs and it is best to indulge in dreams on this day. Water signs react most acutely to such astronomical phenomena, which can lead to uncontrolled emotional states. To help in such cases, they can fill a small bag with salt and carry it throughout the day, and in the evening, pour the salt on the street and throw the bag away. In this way, they will regulate their mental and physical state.

Many superstitions are associated with the longest day, to which it is desirable that people pay the necessary attention.

Ritual for fulfillment of wishes:

Crochet a wreath of Polish flowers and wear it all day long. In the process of work, think about your desire. And most importantly, charge yourself with positive emotions. The next morning, find a river and release him into it.

Ritual for money:

If you wish to receive financial abundance for the future, take out nine coins of different values from your wallet and place them under the threshold of the front door in your home. Up to two weeks after you have performed the ritual, you will feel a tangible flow of money.

Ritual for Global Life Changes:

On the night of June 21-21, turn over as many objects as you can in your room. For example, your cup, the chair you sit on, Change the positions of your head on the bed you sleep on. By turning the objects, say: Everything is turned upside down, the next morning a new life begins. In the morning, turn the objects to their correct position.

Thanks to these simple rituals, you will be able to make the necessary and desired changes in your life.

We wish you luck!