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The magical power of hair

Since ancient times, there has been a belief that a person's great life force and energy is concentrated in the hair. For example, some kings did not have their hair cut from birth, it was tantamount to abdication. Ancient warriors did not cut their hair and shave their beards until they killed their first enemy.

There are a huge number of magical rites related to hair. We will look at those that are effective in the modern world.
Removal of negative energy

Hair has its own memory and stores information. The solution before going to bed will help to remove the negative information during the day. It is good to use wooden combs for this procedure.
Hair and its negative influence in the love sphere

If a woman suffers from unrequited love or problematic love relationships, it is necessary to get a haircut on a full moon. In this way, it will remove all bad experiences and start a new life.

Hair and diseases

There is a belief that if a person is sick, it is necessary for a waxing Moon to cut his hair. In this way, the disease information will be removed and healing will occur.
The same procedure can be used for the Moon's passage through the various signs. For example, when the Moon passes through Taurus, we have a chance to help me with diseases related to the genitals and abdomen.
The power of female attractiveness

The power of female attractiveness is hidden in the hair. Men can be observed paying attention to women's hair. The hairstyle also has an important magical meaning.
The collected hair testifies to a powerful woman who can rule over men. Loose hair is a sign of great romance and sensuality.
Rules for gorgeous hair

  • Don't cut your hair on a waning moon
  • Do not let your hair get on other people's clothes
  • Do not give your comb to anyone or use someone else's

Knowing the magical properties of hair, you can use additional energy power in communications.

Remember that healthy and beautiful hair is not just a natural phenomenon, it is inner strength and energy and an additional element in communication.