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Magic against disease

Sometimes for treatment it is necessary to resort to the help of magic. Nowadays, there are diseases that are difficult to diagnose. The power of traditional medicine cannot be denied because the causes are difficult to detect and difficult to treat.

Many of the causes of difficult diagnosis and treatment are spells that penetrate the human energy body and are difficult to detect and treat.

Of course, traditional medicine also does not stand still, it has already developed medicine against the most insidious diseases, but magical rituals that act on the human bio field can help a lot in treatment.

In order to rid a person of diseases, healers often use a method of transmitting the disease to an object or plant. This type of magic is considered very effective because it involves not only words but also actions.

A magical healing ritual must be performed on a waning Moon.

Buy some houseplants and a new pot. Take some small personal item and a lock of his hair from the sick person. Put all this in the pot and plant the plant. Then take urine from the sick person and water the plant with it and call: The disease is buried and locked with three padlocks. The disease passes into the plant and the earth and will not cause any more pain and suffering to the one who says the name of the sick person. In the name of God so be it! Amen.

Place the plant in the room where the patient is and take care of it as it should. If the ritual is carried out correctly, you will see that after some time the plant will begin to die, droop and rot. This is a good sign for the sick person, it means that the magic is working and the disease has passed into the plant and the earth.

When the plant dies, take the pot and bury it away from your home.