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Magical and healing properties of dandelion

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Magical and healing properties of dandelion

Dandelion is known for its medicinal and magical properties. Medicinal potions are made from it, the plant also has a tonic effect.

Dandelion also helps with prophetic dreams. If you want to have prophetic dreams, put a dandelion under your pillow, if you have trouble sleeping you can sleep on a pillow filled with dried dandelions.

Drinks made from dandelion will give you energy and get rid of negative emotions.

Dandelion can bring prosperity and health to your home.

On a growing Moon, pull out the plant by the root and bring it home. Put it on a white sheet and put it under your bed, it will help the well-being and health in your home.

This talisman can also be used by women who wish to have children.

The dandelion can also grant wishes. Sit with a dandelion in hand. Say your wish and blow the crown of the dandelion, if the whole crown of the dandelion falls it means that your wish will come true soon.