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The magic of sewing on buttons

Buttons are considered one of the oldest talismans, many beliefs are associated with them. For example, if your button breaks, you probably have problems with your energy.

When meeting unpleasant people, it is advisable to redo all your buttons so as not to fall under their negative influence.

Over time, the magical meaning of buttons has been forgotten, but it is never too late to remember them and use the button as a personal talisman.

How to sew buttons for happiness?

Button-stitched horizontal stitches strengthen friendships.

Buttons sewn with vertical stitches develop intuition

Buttons sewn with Z-shaped threads promote success in the activity

Buttons sewn with X-shaped threads bring beauty and health to their wearer

Buttons sewn with threads in the shape of N bring success and coping with non-standard life situations

Not all buttons need to be sewn in this way, you can sew one in a secret place or a place that is not visible and use it as a talisman to achieve what you want.

It would be good if the buttons you want to use as a talisman are made of natural materials.

For starters, try one button sewn one way.

We wish you luck!