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Plant amulets

Amulets that are made from herbs, leaves, fruits, trees, roots and flowers are called plant amulets.

Acorn - used as a symbol of immortality.

Flour - flour is sprinkled in her house to ensure peace and harmony for the inhabitants and.

Dandelion - buried in the northwest corner of the house to bring favorable winds.

Fennel seed - a few seeds placed in a bath before a meeting with your loved one will make you irresistible.

Ochanka - amulet against all kinds of eye diseases.

Iris - a symbol of fertility.

Garlic - if hung on window and door frames, is an excellent remedy against lessons and all kinds of evil spirits.

Mistletoe - this is a universal healer. It is harvested on the first day of the new moon, it is not cut with a knife or scissors. The plant is placed on a white cloth as soon as it is selected. Protects against curses and evil spirits.

Nutmeg - is favored by gamblers as it brings good luck.

Oak - the oak is an attribute of Jupiter and as such is a symbol of good luck. Oak leaves and bark give strength and luck to the wearer. A suitable amulet for the representatives of the sign Sagittarius.

Pine cone - a symbol of life and fertility. It is used for good health, long life and fertility. When a person is tired, pressing the fingers into the rough surface of the cone restores the body's strength.

Rice - another symbol of fertility. If it is carried in a bag, it will ensure that there is always food on the table.

Rosemary - worn for good luck and to improve the mind and memory.

Sedevche - a branch of sedevche, tied with a red ribbon and placed in front of the door of the house, will not allow evil to enter.

Thyme - the herb is burned in the house to bring good health to the occupants.

Valerian - placed under the pillow, calms the nerves and ensures restful sleep.