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Feminine energy practice follow your heart

The Follow Your Heart Feminine Energy Practice is designed for women who wish to develop their feminine qualities and reveal their abilities and habits. This practice will make a woman attractive, sexual, cheerful and active.

The practice consists in the following: all actions that women will do during the day must start with the left side of their body. The left side is the female side, it is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creativity and intuition, sensuality and female activity.

Aspiring women who wish to practice the practice should start each of their actions with the left hand or foot and thus will activate the right hemisphere of their brain. Practicing this practice, the woman will become very attractive, she will feel love, warmth, joy. There is a chance to find a favorite job, a suitable partner, a hobby.

How does the follow-your-heart women's practice work?

Start the practice right from the morning. For example, step with your left foot first, put on your left shoe first, brush your teeth with your left hand, apply makeup on the left side of your face first. It is not necessary to become left-handed. Just start everything with the left hand or foot and continue as you feel comfortable.

In a few days, the first results will appear. Your intuition will sharpen, your movements will become more elegant, and interesting ideas and non-standard ways to solve your life problems will appear in your head, but this is not all that this practice can give you. Its main goal is to discover all the shades of your femininity.

People are always looking for a logical explanation and not everything is possible. connect with logic So if you want and need change then start using this practice.