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The magical power of suggestion

We can be doctors and psychologists on our own. To achieve this we must be able to use our hidden reserves. Every person is subject to suggestion, some are more easily influenced by others and others are not. Do you want to switch from one category to another?

Then prepare for long training sessions. In this article, we will tell you about the magical power of suggestion, and how to learn to use it for our own good.

What you can get with the help of suggestion and how to do it.

Self-suggestion is a household term, from a scientific point of view it can be said that a person's ability to manage his internal psychological processes and states. Skillfully using his resources to get rid of mental discomfort.

Let's take away the pain

With the help of autosuggestion, a person has the opportunity to eliminate pain or reduce it to a tolerable level. Of course, it is not possible to completely get rid of the disease, but after long trainings, the suffering can be temporarily reduced or limited. To achieve this, you can use several methods.

Relax and begin to suggest to yourself, nothing hurts me, I feel good, my body is working well. You must repeat the phrases consciously. This method helps if you lie in bed and even better if you fall asleep repeating these words.

Visualize in great detail how you are taking pain medication. Imagine that the water you drink has such a medicine dissolved in it. After some time, the "medicine" works and the pain goes away.

Self-suggestion helps a person to adapt more quickly to heat and cold. There are facts that confirm this.


If you're feeling chilly, relax and begin to imagine a pleasant warmth coming from your toes, knees, hips and stomach. Gradually increase the temperature until it becomes very intense. When you feel that you are getting very warm, hold that feeling in your mind.

If you are very warm, then imagine a cool wind passing by and reducing your poplin. Hold this feeling and increase the wind, let it become cooler and cooler.

Getting rid of fears and phobias

Through self-suggestion you can get rid of fears and phobias.

For example, if you are afraid of heights, imagine that you are standing on a high peak and the wind is blowing in your face. Get used to this feeling and then boldly descend. Try to imagine that you have wings and imagine yourself flying. Enjoy the idea of how you fly, but the main thing is to imagine and repeat: I am not afraid and I do not fall from a height.

Eliminate insomnia

Take the most favorable position for you. Relax and imagine that you are taking a pleasant nap. Repeat and imagine: I fall asleep, fall asleep until you really fall asleep.

Eliminating panic

If you often have panic attacks with self-regulation you can control yourself. Start breathing deeply and repeat to yourself: I am calm, nothing bothers me. Repeat it until you stop getting nervous.

Self-suggestion can help you in a variety of situations, but training is required to activate the resources involved. Learn to manage your subconscious, believe in your strengths, and you will get rid of many psychological problems.