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Magic against addicts, gossipers, neighbors

If you are constantly being discussed by neighbors, colleagues accuse you of not doing anything and they melt you in front of the superiors, in order to stop these actions, do the following magic.

Take a sheet of paper, light a candle and write on the sheet:

The crows flew over, the wolves ran away, the fish swam and swam over, the wind blew and the dust blew away, the water spilled and the dirt was washed away. Run, swim over, disappear and the gossip, the gossip, the intrigues far away from me. So be it!

On the reverse side of the sheet write the names of your envious and gossipers. Roll the leaf into a tube and burn it in the candle flame, and you stop how the fire burns neutralizes and removes the desire of the people in question to harm you. Then wash your hands and dry them in the candle flame. Collect the ashes and on a windy day scatter them and say: Fly and do not return to me. Amen!

The ritual is done in the first three days after the full moon.