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Magical rituals on Valentine's Day

February 14, St. Valentine's Day is considered a holiday for all lovers. On this day, St. Valentine helps lovers to reveal their feelings, to explain themselves in love and, last but not least, to smooth over relations with loved ones.

The prediction says that on this day Saint Valentine descends from the heavens and helps lovers. That is why the love rituals on this day have great power.

Use the patronage of Saint Valentine to have success in love.

A ritual to attract love

This and an old ritual originated in England in the Middle Ages. Late in the evening of February 13, the single girls went to the nearest church and circled the building 12 times. According to belief, this ritual is able to attract a suitable partner and remove obstacles if any.

A love ritual with a valentine

Make a valentine with your own hands and write your wish on it that is related to love. For example, if you are single at the moment, write that you want to find your soulmate. Carry this message with you and very soon your wish will come true.

Ritual for happy love

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your loved one, on Valentine's Day, cut a heart out of red fabric and embroider or write the name of your loved one on it. In this way, your relationships will become even more energized. Give him your creation.

A wish fulfillment ritual

This ritual will help you be heard by Valentine. Buy a bouquet of red flowers and leave it where the newlyweds give their pledge of allegiance. Remaining these flowers mentally say your wish to Saint Valentine and he will surely fulfill it.