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Magic to get desired amount of money

The ritual that we will tell you about in this article gives you the opportunity to receive a certain amount of money. The amount you will claim must be real and must have an exact purpose. For example, for the purchase of clothes, equipment, training, rest, etc.

During the waxing Moon, retire to a quiet room. Take a green candle and write on it the amount of money you need. You can write on the candle with a pen, felt-tip pen or needle.

Before lighting the candle, you can smear it with dried basil, the aroma of dried basil strongly attracts financial flows.

After you light the candle, say: Money comes, finances improve, wishes come true. The candle must burn to the end. Collect the remains of the candle and bury them next to an oak, pine or white birch tree.

After doing the ritual, the next new moon will have the chance to receive the amount you want, in the form of additional work, interesting financial ideas or unexpected profits.

We wish you luck!