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Energy practices to protect your vehicle

Each car has its own individual energy. When the car passes from one owner to another, the energy of the car also changes. Buying a used car often leads to changes in the life of the new owner.

In my practice, there were cases when, after buying a second-hand car, problems began with the new owner. Constant conflicts in personal life, the situation was leaning towards divorce. As it turned out, the car belonged to a newlywed couple who owned it for some time. During this period, they had constant conflicts, which led to a separation. A division of the property has begun and a sale of the car has followed. The same fate awaited the new owner. Such cases are especially common with the purchase of second-hand items. For this, after buying a used car, it is necessary to adjust the car to the new energy system.

Remove the energy from the previous owner

When buying a used car, wipe the inside of the car with a cloth sprinkled with holy water. It would be good to perform the procedure on a new moon. Then make a talisman that you like and carry it with you for three days and nights to absorb your energy and positive thoughts. Place the product under the driver's seat.

The Japanese have a tradition of putting a silver object in the car to receive the patronage and protection of the Higher Powers. And you can do the same.

Mirrors are known to collect a lot of negative energy. It is very important that all mirrors in the car are clean. Let this be your rule, before you go on a long journey, be sure to wipe the mirrors of the car. This procedure will protect you from problems and accidents on the road.

In order for these practices to be successful, it is desirable to perform them on each new moon.