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Animal amulets

Animal symbols have been used as amulets for a very long time. Animal parts such as horns, teeth, claws, feathers are highly valued for their magical properties.

Cat - although superstition has branded the black cat as a harbinger of misfortune, it is believed to possess powerful magical powers. The black cat repels evil and helps make wishes come true. The cat possesses the spirit of mystery and an ever-changing nature. It possesses a perfect yin-yang balance.

Cancer Pins - this is a love amulet that stimulates potency and fertility.

Bear - a symbol of the goddess Diana. Using the image of the bear or its teeth as an amulet helps women during childbirth.

Bee - brings abundance, fertility, wisdom, happiness, well-being.

Butterfly - is a symbol of the soul and is worn as an amulet to ensure long and eternal life.

Deer - Deer antlers are a symbol of male power. Deer hooves are popular symbols of success and business acumen. Deer antlers are used as sex charms. Crushed into powder is a powerful aphrozodiac.

Feather - feathers are symbols of the gods Ra and Thoth. One symbolizes wealth and the other mind. Wearing a golden feather as an amulet ensures success in business endeavors.

Dragon - for the Chinese is a symbol of the forces of water. It is also a symbol of life and is worn to ensure a happy life, love and fertility.

Dolphin - symbolizes love and devotion, mind and intellect. It is believed to prevent shipwrecks.

Egg - a traditional symbol of love and fertility. Many farmers lay eggs among their crops to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Moose tooth - amulet you provide speed and strength.

Fish - provides its owner with abundance and prosperity.

Fox tail - an amulet that brings agility, speed, cunning and insight.

Horn - a popular amulet in Italy, it is a powerful protection against lessons. The horn is usually worn on a chain around the neck by men as a symbol of masculinity and sexual magnetism.

Lion - worn as an amulet to attract good health, wealth and success. A symbol of strength and valor.

Owl - amulet of wisdom.

Snake - a symbol of wisdom and sexuality. With a tail in its mouth, it is a symbol of eternity.

Scarab - a popular Egyptian amulet. Symbol of eternal life, protects from evil.

Scorpio - worn mostly by people born under the sign of the scorpion. Protects from enemies and all forms of evil.

Unicorn - a symbol of fertility and sexuality. As an amulet it is worn to increase sexual magnetism. It is usually made of silver or white enamel.