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Weight loss magic

No diets and physical exercises can ever get rid of extra pounds, but there are magical methods that can help you get the desired result in a short time. But can we just magically get rid of extra pounds? Yes, the magic lies in the fact that the words we utter set our organism to reduce the intake of more food.

Spells can work differently on different people. For some, the appetite will decrease, others will simply get rid of extra pounds.

Weight loss magic based on the cycles of the moon

This ritual takes place on a waning Moon. Take a glass of water and place it by the window. It would be good if the moon reflected in the water. Hold the water for thirty minutes so that it can be charged with the Moon's energy and say: The Moon is now full but after a while it will become weak. So am I - you say your name - now I'm full but soon I'll be thin. Wash your face and hands with this water, and if it remains, throw it on the street. The ritual is done from full moon to new moon. When there is a new moon, the magic begins to work.

Another ritual- For this ritual and necessary mirror, it is performed from full moon to new moon. During the entire period, the following text must be read every morning: As the water in the river flows quickly, as the moon quickly hides, as the night passes quickly, so will I: you say your name, I will become slender. That's how it is and that's how it will be. The whole time you're reading, you're looking at yourself in the mirror. At the moment when you're reading, make sure to pretend you're thin and slim. At the onset of the new moon, turn the mirror with the mirror surface to a wall or wrap it in a cloth. With the arrival of the new moon, the ritual begins to work and you will get the desired result.

If you believe in your strengths and capabilities, you will really lose weight