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What images are suitable for mascots for the various signs

It is believed that a talisman made with one's own hands has greater power than a store-bought one. By creating your own talisman, you charge it with your own energy. At the same time, an energy connection is formed between you and the talisman, which greatly helps its action.

How to make a talisman with your own hands?

We offer several options on how to make a talisman yourself.

The talisman must be made of natural materials. It can be stone, wood or leather.

When crafting, be sure to think of good things. Put your positive energy into making it.

The talisman can be in any form you want. The main thing is that its appearance is pleasant to you.

If you want to make yourself a talisman for success, you can use our suggestions for each zodiac sign. By choosing your talisman according to your horoscope, you will increase the likelihood that it will protect you and bring you success.

Aries- Must use for talismans objects of round or square shape with a dagger depicted.

Taurus - For the representatives of the zodiac, the figure of an elephant or a bull is suitable.

Gemini - Images of keys, padlocks, masks and books bring success to them.

Cancer - Talismans in the shape of the Moon or images of the Moon.

Leo - figurines of an eagle or a lion are suitable for the representatives of the sign.

Virgo - A talisman made of clay or plaster with the image of an owl is suitable for Virgos.

Libra - figurines depicting their astrological symbol are suitable for them.

Scorpio- Images of frogs or images of a pyramid are suitable for them.

Sagittarius- Horseshoes or horses are suitable for this sign.

Capricorn- For representatives of this sign, images of coins or a turtle are suitable.

Aquarius - Figurines with birds or angels are suitable for representatives of this astrological sign.

Fish - figurines depicting fish or crystal shells.

Always carry the made talisman with you. Believe in its power and do not tell anyone about your little helper.