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A magic match

This magic is suitable for people who want to make their life easier. With the help of this ritual, you will be able to turn the course of events in your favor.

Buy a match and remove the advertisements from it, paste the inscription "Magic Match" in their place, and on the other side stick a sheet with your names, so that it is known that this match belongs to you and is intended to fulfill your wishes. To be able to do its job, the match is activated. How do we do this? Quite simple. Take a stick and light it and think of a simple wish that can be fulfilled instantly.

Like – I want to eat ice cream immediately. After the match goes out, eat an ice cream. Thus you fulfill your first wish and thereby activate all the sticks in the match. Of course, in this way you will be able to turn many situations in your life in your favor. You can use this ritual for global and serious dreams. For example, success in an interview for a new job or to win back a lost love.

The great secret of this ritual is the desire and belief in it that your dream will come true. We must not forget about the positive attitude, none of your wishes can come true if you are not happy and smiling every day.

We wish you luck!