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Runes - little known facts

Now on the Internet you can find formulas from runes for all life situations, but how to correctly apply them, that's the question?

There are two opposing views, one, let's call them liberals, believes that only drawing the Fehu rune on a preferred material and it is possible to get wealth. The Kenaz rune applied to an object and given as a gift will cause love and reciprocity, the Ansus rune will help us speak beautifully and so on.

Conservatives believe that the preparation of runic talismans can be done by people initiated in the art of runes, who observe many rules when performing the ritual.

A middle path to attaining the power of the runes

First you must feel that this runic talisman is really necessary for you. If you made a talisman just out of interest, it is unlikely to work.

You should not start making a talisman just because you read on the Internet, the Fehu rune gives a chance for wealth or, Uruz gives strength and health. If you have decided to deal with runes, you must feel the connection with this magical system. For this you need to read books about runes, study the Norse epic. You also need to treat the runes with respect, then they will share their power with you. And the most important thing is to choose suitable runes for your cases.

For example: You are a student and want to successfully complete the session. For this purpose, you should use the Manas rune, it is responsible for contacts, intelligence and successful integration. The Teivas rune is a victory rune that will mobilize all your forces and resources in this period. It will awaken such qualities as fortitude, determination so that you can come out victorious in this situation. Then you can put the Dagaz rune in charge of transformations. Through it, you will be able to go to a higher stage of training. As the last rune, you can put the Vunyo rune so that you can keep your optimism during the complicated period.

Material selection

Now it is necessary to choose the material for making the talisman. It can be wood, clay, stone, metal or cardboard. Artificial materials are not suitable for this endeavor.

After that, you need to cut and decorate the runes. For this, you need to get a wood carving knife, which you can find in artists' stores.

Consecration of the rune-cutting knife

It is best to consecrate it in the power of the four elements.

First in the element of air. You place the knife over the scented candle you are using in this case. You pronounce: I consecrate the knife in the power of the air.

Enlighten the knife in the power of the earth. Place the knife in a dish of earth or rock salt and say Sanctify the knife in the power of the earth.

Illuminate the knife in the power of water. For the occasion, buy distilled water from the pharmacy. Place the knife in the water and say Sanctify the knife in the power of the water.

In the end illuminate the knife in the power of fire. To do this, pass the knife through the flame of a candle.

How to write the runes correctly

First draw the rune with a pencil and then proceed to cut, chanting the name of each rune you cut.

To decorate the runes you can use blue color. This color is associated with water and sky. Then consecrate your talisman in the same way as you did with the ritual knife.

Then blow sharply into your talisman three or four times, thus sharing your life force with it. Then wrap your talisman in cotton, linen or silk and carry it with you. Put it under your pillow at night, and in the morning write down what you dreamed about.

When the talisman has done its job you have successfully taken the session, bury it in the ground or throw it into running water.

Another important point is not to use the runes to harm someone or to take revenge. Remember that once you step into the field of the runes you must give up the desires of your Ego.

Use the runes to become more aware and happy. Treat them with respect and love.