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Magic of words or why what we say comes true

The power of spoken words is very great. Words can kill and heal, it all depends on the intention of those who utter them.

Words are the material expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions. In magic, various forms of spells are used, which bring impressive results. It is accepted that the magic of words has a powerful destructive power. Because it causes a strong concentration of negative emotions, which we express through words. In order to protect ourselves from such an impact, it is necessary to have spiritual harmony and inner strength.
How do words influence our lives?

Words and their sound order form a wave that penetrates the biofield of a living being. This wave creates deformation and alters the structure of the thin layers of the human body. Then come the physiological changes. The power of words depends on the degree of emotion and state of mind of the speaker.
Why do negative wishes come true quickly?

As a rule, very bright emotions carry a negative nature such as anger, aggression, irritability, malice and others. The mechanism of verbal magic works in such a way that the state of the speaker is given to the interlocutor and a program is activated for him, which subsequently becomes reality. In the mind of the person who has listened and accepted the information, a process for activation in real life begins. If a person has a negative experience, the experiences uttered in a state of fear automatically work and lead to quick action.

For example, if a person has an experience of unhappy love and breakup, and during these events he hears. You are not capable of relationships, or you will be alone again and this situation really repeats itself. We can conclude that the suggestion works thanks to the negative experience and experiences of the past.

How to heal with positive words? Very strong words are used for the occasion in an emotion of gratitude. In such cases, the sound signal is constantly gaining strength and can change life for the better.

Words on water absorb very positively. It is for this reason that holy water or so-called water has a great influence on man. Our body consists of 75 percent water, so this method is very intensive.

Be careful when drinking tea or other beverages around negative people. The same applies with particular force to spirits.
Ways of protection

When you have heard negative information about yourself, try to immediately wash your hands and face and let them dry by themselves.

The other way is to take a glass of water and place it between your palms and mentally or silently say such formulas that will protect you from such programs. Thank the water and drink it in small sips.

If every morning you charge a glass of water with pleasant emotions using the technology described above. You will be able to protect yourself from the destructive influence of words and free yourself from their magical powers.