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White magic for love - win back a lost love

If you want to win back a lost love or attract the attention of a new partner you can use white magic for love. The difference between white and black magic consists in the fact that in the former cases things will develop naturally, and in the latter in a violent way.

How to attract a partner using white magic?

The love spell must be performed on a waxing moon. Two red candles should be used for the ritual. On the candles with a needle, write your name and the name of your chosen one.

Then light the candles. First yours and then the partner with whom you wish to be and call: As this candle burns, so may the love in your heart burn. I give my love to feed your heart. May my Guardian Angel pose our love. So be it!

Candles should be allowed to burn down to the end. If you have a photo of your partner, put it under your pillow to stay there for seven days, if you don't have a photo, you can write the name of your lover on a sheet of paper. In this period, if you have done the ritual correctly, your beloved should appear. If nothing happens, the ritual must be repeated.

Remember that the power of love magic depends most on the power of your love.