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Folk superstitions about clothes

There are many superstitions about clothes, as in the past and now a lot of attention is paid to clothes.

How can the clothes we wear attract success and avoid trouble?

If you wear any garment backwards, trouble will happen to you. When you put on a piece of clothing not as it should be, this action of yours speaks of your great absent-mindedness, carelessness and can lead to many disturbances, mistakes, troubles. According to the observations that have been made, this is indeed the case.

Alterations to clothing while wearing them are not desirable.

If something sticks to your tights or pants, you may receive a gift or good news.

You should not wear the same shoes or slippers at home because you may have problems with your relatives.

If you are wearing a garment for the first time, think and say something of your desire so that your renewal will bring you success.

You should not wear the same clothes several days in a row, so they will absorb the energy of those around you, which in most cases will be negative. For this you should let them rest and put on other clothes.

How you treat your clothes is how people will treat you. Wear your clothes with dignity, make sure your clothes are clean, clothes work for you, shape your image and people's opinion of you.

When you go to a gathering, party or you will be with a large group of people, to protect yourself from the evil eye or something more serious you can put your socks on backwards.

If your clothes are constantly tearing, financial losses or troubles are possible.

Believe it or not many superstitions actually have power.