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Makeup magic

By changing their appearance, people change their destiny. Surely many women who want to change their lives will agree with this statement. According to astrology, each part of the human body corresponds to a planet. By affecting these parts of their body, people have the opportunity to change their destiny, health, personal life.

Makeup to attract success

The planet of success is Jupiter, this planet endows a person with cheerfulness, optimism and serenity. The planet Jupiter is responsible for the forehead and eyebrows. To be successful you will need to keep your forehead clean, remove from it if you have acne.

Eyebrows should be harmonious, but not thin because the protection of the planet Jupiter will weaken.

Another important condition for the patronage of Jupiter is a cheerful mood and facial expression.

Makeup for love

The planet of love is Venus. She will endow you with femininity and magnetism. If you want to attract love into your life, make up your lips, their make-up should be neat but not vulgar and most importantly emphasize the contour of the lips.

Career makeup

The planets Mars and Mercury are responsible for the career. The region of Mercury is the cheekbones. Highlight the cheekbones with blush, concealer and you will become very communicative.

The zone of Mars is the nose. Many women do not give him the necessary attention at all. Emphasize its contours or hide its flaws with a cream or concealer. In this way you will get the support of the planet Mars. You will become very determined, strong and self-confident.