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Sugar Success Magic

Sugar has long been used in magic. It is usually used in rituals when it is necessary to sweeten life, work and relationships. In this article we offer you how to make your life successful with the help of sugar.

Fill the homemade sugar bowl to the top. Take a spoon, put it in the center of the sugar bowl and start rotating it clockwise and say:

White sweet sugar my friend help me you say your name make my life sweet and protect my family from troubles.

This naming will set the sugar positively. As is known, sugar and salt absorb energy and information very well. So if you say these words over the sugar bowl, the sugar will actually give you strength and attract success to you.

You can safely add the magical sugar to tea or coffee and drink these drinks every day.

Money magic with sugar

With the help of sugar, you can attract material, financial well-being. For this you need to form your wishes regarding your finances. Write them on a sheet of paper, take a white envelope, pour some sugar in it, put a banknote and the sheet with your wishes in the envelope and seal it. Write on the envelope: Sweet life. Seal it and speak:

My life is sweet and smooth, I live in abundance, prosperity and all troubles pass me by. So be it!

You can keep an envelope in your home or carry it in your bag every day, but don't open it if you don't get results, when that happens you have to burn the letter, pour the sugar on the ground, put the banknote in a safe place.

We wish you luck!