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Water removes troubles and brings happiness

Water, along with fire, is one of the mysteries of nature whose secrets have not been fully solved. Therefore, communicating with water, you can help yourself, but also harm yourself.

Water is the source and symbol of life. Water is able to transmit information, to remember words and thoughts, to include the healing mechanism in the human organism. Water cleanses not only from physical dirt, but also from harmful influences.

If it is necessary to cleanse an object of energy contamination, the procedure is as follows: the object is kept in a container of water for three days, and the water is changed every day. The result is certain.

To remove negative energy programs, a person needs to take a contrast shower: cold, hot, cold, hot, cold in this sequence. You can also take a bath. Imagining, lying in the bath, how all the energetic dirt is washed away from your body in the water. You can enhance the cleansing effect by dissolving sea salt in the bath, it absorbs the negative energy.

Water has a powerful protective potential. If you have trouble, bad mood, self-esteem, take a shower or a bath.

When you bathe in a river or other body of water, you should not spit in the water, says folk wisdom - the water will punish you with diseases.

Water hears and understands human speech. Therefore you should not curse the river even in a period of calamity. If you pollute the water expect diseases.

If you had a bad dream, you should hold your hands under running water while recalling the dream. Water will take your bad dream away.

Water can also take away your joys and happiness. This is why it is not recommended to sing in the shower. In ancient times, they never sang happy songs over the river, over flowing water they listed their sorrow, pain, insults so that the water could carry them away.

When the circumstances in your life do not line up the way you would like, jump over streams, cross bridges and the situation will be fine.

If you have broken your relationship with your loved one, approach a body of water together. It is not enough to do it yourself once, go several times. After these procedures, you will surely reconcile, folk wisdom assures.

If you sincerely love a person, but are afraid or shy to admit it, make your confessions above water. This confession must be very emotional to make the water stir. You should give this water to the object of your love to drink. Experienced water will definitely bring your feelings to him.

The water of the Annunciation and on Maundy Thursday before Easter is very strong in terms of energy.