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What gifts to give to the different zodiac signs

A gift on New Year's Eve is not just a sign of attention, but a process of exchanging positive energy. The process of energy exchange when giving gifts consists in the fact that the gift you have given is liked and evokes joy and gratitude and will attract positive energy.

What New Year's gifts are suitable from an energetic point of view. for the different zodiac signs.


A gift for Aries must be needed and desired, and most importantly, this thing must be really useful for the representative of the sign. For 2015, suitable gifts for the representatives of the Aries zodiac sign can be a tablet case, a set of kitchen accessories, or any novelties that interest the representative of the zodiac sign.


Representatives of this sign value home comfort, convenience and practicality very much. Warm blankets, a nice sweater, gloves or a scarf are suitable for them. It would be good if the gift is functional, comfortable and gives comfort to the Taurus.


Gemini greatly appreciates the unpredictable axis, but they also like intellectual gifts. For this, give them books, chess, cards.


The representatives of this sign above all value family traditions. In order to choose a gift for the representatives of the zodiac sign, you should keep in mind that the gift should evoke calmness and harmony. Cutlery, functional items for home and work interior are suitable gifts.


Leos are very proud people with a developed sense of their own dignity. That's why formal and cheap gifts irritate them. A gift for a Leo should correspond to his social status and at the same time be fashionable and prestigious. Like new phone models, the latest pen model, or a small souvenir from a prestigious brand.


The representatives of this sign are conservative, they love traditions and are especially impressed by packaging. Suitable gifts for them are cakes, candies, perfumes, cosmetics, a coffee set or a tea ceremony.


The representatives of this sign are aesthetes and gluttons. For them, suitable gifts are an elite bottle of alcohol, a prestigious brand of perfume or cosmetics.


Giving a gift to Scorpios is difficult. Try to approach the choice of gift seriously. Office supplies, car accessories, an unusual dish tray are suitable for them.


Representatives of this sign love to travel, so functional things related to travel are suitable for them, such as a very functional bag, thermos, souvenirs from other cities.


Capricorns are very practical and meticulous. They will enjoy gifts that they can use daily at home and work or for their hobby. As sports or fishing accessories.


It is important for them that it is unusual and new. Unusual gadgets for home or work, new models of coffee maker or clock are suitable for them.


The representatives of this sign are very sentimental and mystical, so choose something esoteric for them. Give them magic stones, crystals, spiritual literature.