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How to raise young Aries?

Most Aries children are straightforward about their likes and dislikes. They are determined to make things happen the way they want. The word NO does not help, neither does the persuasion, nor the examples with the other obedient children.

Aries children, regardless of their age, respond best to challenges. Just say that he or she is clearly very slow in arranging his or her toys, or that there is no need to worry if he or she can't do something quickly and well enough, and the young Aries will immediately jump into action to show that he or she is more good or better than everyone else.


They need adventure, favorable opportunities to discover, try new things, take responsibility, solve problems and be winners. Above all, Aries needs to know that he is loved and valued. A firm hug and a comforting word are very important, despite the brave appearance he conveys.


At school, Aries children take the initiative in every way. So teach them when to be obedient, when to turn it into a challenge. Young Aries are too adventurous and do not ignore dangers. Don't ban them because they will take it as a challenge. Do not command them. Soar with a smile, and they'll respond with growing confidence.

From an early age, teach Aries to handle his own money. Explain to him the rights of others, since the young Aries likes to dominate without realizing it. They will certainly have a few setbacks and often show their short temper, but they will quickly recover and smile again.