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How do different zodiac signs perceive humor?

You have probably noticed that in a company, people react differently to humor. Some laugh out loud, others only smile slightly, and still others show no emotion at all. Each person has a way of perceiving laughter. What makes some happy can make others sad. Astrology can help in this direction. The sense of humor in different zodiac signs is different.


Such a person loves salty jokes, bordering on kitsch, not distinguished by sophistication. Like all self-confident people, he will first laugh at himself and then appreciate his wit.


Taurus likes to make fun of others, but they don't. Jokes should be very understandable and unadulterated. If you can make a Taurus laugh, you will grow in his eyes.


They take jokes easily and don't take them to heart when it comes to them. They love salty and ambiguous jokes.


Cancers will laugh out loud at anything but family values. If you don't want to win an enemy in their face, turn off jokes and anecdotes with current content.


Leo prefers to react to jokes brightly and theatrically, if all conditions are met, Leo will laugh heartily and be the center of attention.


Making a Virgo laugh is a difficult task. They will always analyze what you meant to say with that joke and will surely react coolly.


Aesthetic Libra knows how to laugh at themselves, so their sense of justice helps them. In general, they will not refuse to participate in some reasonable pranks.


Painful and sensitive to laughter at them. Therefore, avoid them being the center of your laughter, but this does not prevent them from laughing and making fun of others.


They love jokes the most. They love jokes with a double meaning. The sense of self-worth is developed to an extreme bordering on superiority.. Do not play with them with flat jokes, they will be very offended.


Cheering up the representatives of the Capricorn zodiac sign is not an easy task. Their smile must be earned. For them, a person is needed that they can trust and wash them away. When you find it you will be richly rewarded by them.


In general, they like to act out plays and skits, but don't let them learn your weaknesses or you will become a laughingstock.


They are constantly ready to smile and respond to laughter. They love philosophically satirical humor, but do not allow any rudeness and frivolity.

Without laughter, life will be very boring and serious, humor helps in complicated tense situations to extinguish the tension. Make full use of this nickname of his