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How the zodiac signs kiss

Aries are not attuned to aesthetic kisses. For them, a kiss is rather a manifestation of a certain mood. Aries can give a kiss even on the first date, of course if they are in a good mood. Many of the representatives of the sign in the process of kissing are devoid of tenderness and can cause pain, but only when they are very passionate.


Taurus are not the kind of people who give a kiss to a stranger. For them, a kiss is a sign of respect and love. It is quite possible that their kisses will remain primary. Usually this manifests itself in the relationship with the loved one, they will always kiss him when he goes out or comes back and before sleep. Tauruses in love kiss with special tenderness. Such a kiss gives the feeling of confidence and protection.


Twins are fond of experiments, that's why they kiss very often and most importantly, they do it with feeling. They are more interested in the practical side of this action. Many representatives of this sign perfectly master the technique of the erotic kiss, which brings their partners to rapture.


Those born under the sign of Cancer prefer to be kissed. They are gentle and loving, and a kiss is a confirmation of their affection for their partner. This will never become a habit because they put a lot of emotion into this process, even after quarrels a kiss will be a sign of forgiveness. Cancers do not kiss very erotically, but with a trembling attitude towards the partner.


Leo shows his passion through the kiss. The representatives of this sign are people who are convinced of the importance of feelings, and that's why their kisses are very erotic. For them, a kiss is a demonstration of strong feelings.


Modesty and restraint Virgos show these qualities even in kisses. With such a sign of attention, they can honor a spouse or a loved one. Virgos will never show their feelings and kiss those around them. For loved ones, their kisses can also be erotic.


Libra, of all the signs, knows the art of kissing best. Their kisses are at a height and bring their partners to ecstasy. In general, Libras show tenderness in kisses and through them express their passion and eroticism.


Those born under the sign of Scorpio attach a special meaning to a kiss. This is the only sign that uses a kiss to show a range of feelings and emotions. When a Scorpio kisses you, his partner is capable of feeling everything from adoration and tenderness to complete indifference. Representatives of this sign kiss often and very passionately.


Sagittarians show their attitude towards the person through the kiss. Their kisses are more like friendly kisses. It cannot be said that the representatives of this sign are very technical in kissing, but they like to kiss a lot and often.


Capricorns are the ones who don't waste time on kisses. This is not in their style. Representatives of this sign kiss very rarely. They do not like publicity and will never kiss in the presence of other people. Their kisses are devoid of passion, there is no tenderness in them.


Aquarians equally warmly and tenderly kiss everyone. It is interesting to note that even with their partner, the representatives of the sign do not dissolve completely. Passion cannot cloud their consciousness, but in their kisses at times one feels trepidation and even eroticism.


Pisces always want to kiss because they consider a kiss as something unique and unusual. Representatives of the sign dissolve in this process completely. They may not be very experienced in the technique of kissing, but their kisses are filled with love.