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At what level of development is our soul

How do we know what levels of development our soul is at? To understand this we will use a mathematical code for the development of our soul. For this we need to collect all the numbers from our date of birth.

For example: You were born on September 19, 1977. The sum is 43

Once you've calculated your code, it's up to you to find which group you fall into.

Soul Development Code Meanings

1-9 zero level Your soul is pure and does not have any complicated karmic tasks. You can do whatever you want and it will bring you success. The only rule you have to follow is to live according to conscience and not to deceive yourself or other people.

10-19 first level You need to develop your personality. Pay attention to developing your spirit and body. According to the soul code, you have an earth soul and will always be close to reality.

20-29 second level You have a well-developed intuition, but you will need to work on it a lot more. You are obliged to use the experience and knowledge of your ancestors, it will help you a lot in life.

30-39 third level With this soul development you will be able to influence those around you. Your calling in life is to teach and mentor, but for that you will first need to gain experience and knowledge.

40-49 fourth level People of this level strive for self-improvement and getting to know the world. The secrets of myro vision are revealed to them. This is the intellectual development of people with non-standard thinking.

50-59 fifth level At this level, people act as mediators between their peers and the universe, they have access to information about past lives and other dimensions and everything about the invisible. For the most part, holders of the fifth level are unhappy that they are not like other people.