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Shopping horoscope

You are going to the market, then it will be useful for you to know which days of the week are suitable for the purchase of certain items. The shopping horoscope will help you choose the most favorable time for shopping.

When we go shopping it is important to know which planet is the ruler of the day.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. On this day, it is appropriate to buy food products for the home. Shopping on Monday will be useful for people who are under stress. Shopping will help them reduce tension and regain interest in life.

Tuesday - is ruled by Mars, on this day it is good to buy items with masculine energy, such as household appliances and sports equipment. The advantage is that shopping is quick and easy, that is, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Wednesday - is under the rule of Mercury, on this day the purchases of toys, books, flowers, trinkets are suitable.

Thursday - under the rule of Jupiter, the day is very favorable for any purchases. Large purchases are also beneficial.

Friday - is ruled by Venus and suitable for buying art objects such as: books, paintings, cosmetics, perfumes. The day is especially favorable for shopping by women. The purchases made will bring them joy and pleasure.

Saturday - is under the rule of Saturn, it is desirable that the purchases are of practical and necessary things. Shopping on this day will be favorable for people who are experiencing life difficulties, thus they have a chance to regain their mood in life.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun. The day is suitable for purchases of materials for creativity and valuable items.

By choosing an auspicious day for shopping, you can be sure that your purchases will bring you joy and good mood.