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How can indigo children develop their abilities?

Indigo children represent a new era of human development - the Age of Aquarius. It is possible that your child has unique abilities. To recognize and develop them can help you this article.

Signs of the indigo child

Occultists define the aura of such children as a shade of dark blue. This aura is characteristic of strong abilities that can be manifested at an early age. Psychologists claim that these children have a non-standard psyche, a particularly active brain and an excellent memory. Children who have such abilities can have or observe sharp changes in their behavior. In order for the child to develop in society, it is necessary to develop these abilities through art therapy, yoga, dancing.

Practical exercises

Art therapy allows to reveal the child's creative talents, reduce stress and develop discipline. When parents have problems at work, indigo children immediately feel these problems. In this case, art therapy will help. Ask the child to draw a picture in which he sees the situation as harmonious. In this way, the child can model your future. You can act in the same way when there are financial problems in the family, the child draws a picture that very soon becomes reality. With the help of this practice, you will enable the child to realize his spiritual powers and special abilities.

The other method is the development of intuitive abilities. Offer your child such a game that aims to guess your thoughts. As a rule, children determine or know the interlocutor's thoughts with great accuracy, even pronounce their words. This practice is very beneficial for the child's brain.

Color recognition exercises with eyes closed. This exercise stimulates all receptors and stabilizes the work of the immune system. For this purpose, buy a block of colored leaves. Close the child's eyes and ask him which color is warm or cool. After a few practices, the child will unmistakably identify the color of the paper.

Working with photography, place in front of the child photographs of people you know but the child does not know who they are. Ask him to describe the character of these people and the events that await them. The results will amaze you when the predictions come true.

To develop these abilities requires patience and time, keep in mind that every child has a unique individuality.