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What does it mean to dream of water?

Water is a universal symbol, if you dream of a calmly flowing river, then everything in your life will go smoothly and harmoniously. If you dream of stormy waters, you can expect serious changes in your life.

Dreaming of water means spiritual renewal, this originates from the Christian tradition.

If you drink water in a dream, this predicts spiritual cleansing, especially if the water is cool, if the water is warm, you may face failures in business.

It is a good sign if you dream of a fountain or a waterfall. These are symbols of growth, health and happiness.

When you dream of a swamp, it means stagnation or that you are about to be disappointed in something.

Water quality is also important.

If your dream is filled with cloudy water, this predicts difficulties, you can make a wrong decision that you later regret. If you dream that you are drinking cloudy water, you feel a great sense of guilt for your actions.

Spilled water in the snow predicts that you have no control over your emotions.

If you dream that you are swimming in a pool, this is also an indicator that soon your dreams will come true and your life status will rise.

In dreams of stormy rivers or that the water is foaming, this predicts that you are resisting with all your might against difficulties and you will certainly succeed.