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What does it mean to dream of home or office renovation?

Dreaming of renovation means that you are about to experience violent changes in your life, as well as in personal relationships.

Basically, the interpretation of this dream depends on the type of person who dreams such a dream. Is he inclined to conservatism, if so, this dream can mean anxiety or emotions that will throw the dreamer out of balance. For a person who loves novelties and dynamics, such a dream can mean pleasant emotions, satisfaction and inspiration.

Sleep repair at home or office

You dream that you are doing repairs at home or in the office, this may mean meeting people you have not seen for a long time or visiting relatives or old acquaintances. Depending on the situation of the dream, dark or favorable, it can be predicted what your meetings will be pleasant or unpleasant.

If you dream that you are doing renovations in a new home, this may mean that you are expecting a trip, to a large apartment or that you will make large purchases for your home, which will be related to the improvement of your life.

If you dream that you are renovating an abandoned house, financial problems, conflict situations both at work and in your personal life are possible.

You dream that you are doing repairs at relatives or acquaintances - exposing the true intentions of the people around you.

You are renovating your workplace, expect career changes. Depending on the situation in the dream, painful or joyful means an increase or decrease, and God forbid an abbreviation.

You dream that you are doing repairs for friends or acquaintances - new sources of income.

You see in a dream how other people make repairs in your home - conflicts with a rival, a rival with relatives for an inheritance or problems with a loved one.

You make repairs in a dream in an unfinished house - probable financial loss, fraud by business partners, betrayal by colleagues.

In general, a dream repair testifies to changes in the dreamer's state of mind and the activation of his hidden reserves for dealing with a complex situation.

Also, such a dream predicts that it is desirable to review your relationships with your loved ones who need attention and support, start working on your negative traits so that you can meet the new life stage positively.