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All about freckles

What is the fate of people with freckles on different parts of their body and what do they foretell?

People treat these questions differently. As a rule, people who do not have freckles on their body are happy to see a person with freckles, and the owners of these pigment spots are not delighted with their appearance. Freckles most often appear in red-haired and light-blond people.

People with freckles have been treated differently over the centuries. At the time of the Inquisition, people who had freckles on their body and face were persecuted. They thought they were magicians and witches. In many nations there are songs about people with freckles, and in them it is claimed that these are people with complex characters.

But what do freckles on different parts of the human body foretell?

People whose entire face is covered in freckles are in most cases happy people, for such people, folk belief says that the Sun has kissed them on the face and luck will be with them throughout their life journey.

Freckles on the hands predict to their owner that he has golden hands and everything is up to him.

Freckles on the legs say that the owner will often change his place of residence and travel a lot.

If the freckles are only on the nose, they speak of incredible intuition.

Freckles on the shoulders and back are considered an unfavorable omen. Such people will have a complicated destiny and in order to be successful it will be necessary to do everything possible to be in the flow of life and let it guide their destiny.

Freckles on the chest, such people will have a light character, kindness and responsiveness. It is believed that such people are kissed by the Sun right in the heart.