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What does handwriting predict

Handwriting can tell a lot about a person. Psychologists claim that thanks to graphology, the science of handwriting, one can determine a person's gender, character, and also his mood and state of mind.

In many American companies, when accepting a job, the managers conduct an interview with the candidates through a special written test, based on which they judge whether the candidate is suitable for the job. The science of handwriting has a wide application in forensics as well.

If you want to know more about the person pay attention to how he writes. Deciphering personality by handwriting goes through several stages.

Size and placement of the letters - this is the first thing to pay attention to. The fine print can predict a person who can take advantage of the circumstances. Large handwriting is a sign of openness, naivety and honesty. If the letters in the words are strongly condensed, this predicts that the person is conservative and practical. Stretched handwriting speaks of an enterprising and resourceful person.

Degree of inclination of the letters - this is the second thing that psychologists advise to pay attention to. A large tilt to the left predicts self-centeredness. Such a person puts his own interests above public interests. A strong tilt to the right predicts single-mindedness and ambition. If the handwriting has no slope at all, this speaks of persistence and steadfastness.

Line directions - can predict a lot of information about a person's character and thinking. When the paper on which the person writes is not graphed, there are no lines and squares and it is written perfectly on horizontal lines - this predicts optimism and great self-esteem. If the lines are distorted, the person who wrote them does not have a good opinion of himself. If the lines are sometimes on the top and sometimes on the bottom, it predicts adventurism, inconstancy and frivolity.

How are the letters connected - if the letters are connected, this predicts that the person can think logically, if the letters are not connected, it is a sign of bad imagination and fantasy.

The shape of the letters is also very important. Angular letters speak of great arrogance, handwriting with a round shape of the letters predicts softness and a tendency to compromise.

A special place in graphology is occupied by deciphering the personal signature.

If there are many twists and turns in the signature, then its owner has a creative and inquisitive nature.

A signature in the shape of a circle predicts a person in disguise.

An underlined signature is a sign of resourcefulness, fortitude and confidence.

If the signature is crossed out, the person is endowed with great strength and energy.

Through handwriting analysis you can easily analyze the person and make an adequate picture of his character and mood.