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Methods of combating stress

In this article, we offer you methods to combat stress, according to the elements to which the zodiac signs correspond.

Every day, every single person faces various types of stress, conflicts in relationships, disharmonious external factors, mental experiences. Over time, our energy is depleted and our organism refuses to be active and chronic fatigue occurs.

Representatives of different zodiac signs tolerate stress differently, and for this reason, the advice for different zodiac signs is different.

Through these practices you will regain the lost energy and remove the accumulated negativity. You will receive an additional resource of vital forces, you will feel cheerful and enjoy life. This practice is based on the elements that correspond to the zodiac signs.

The element of fire is represented by Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The representatives of these signs are emotional, grumpy and expressive. These zodiac signs often lose much more energy than they gain, and for this they need to constantly restore their energy balance.

For them, the best way is to relax and rest. During work, the representatives of these signs need just a few minutes to be alone and do the following exercise:

To close their eyes, to relax, to take a comfortable position. On the inhale imagine a golden ray passing through their back to the coccyx and then on the exhale going back the other way. It is possible to feel a lot of heat when doing this exercise. After completing the exercise, representatives of this element should drink sweet tea.

The element of the earth represented by Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, these signs often suffer from dissatisfaction and try in every way to reach their ideal. Not getting what they want, they suffer a lot. In order to recover from stress it is necessary to use energy practice with water. It would be good if they could get a small fountain and by looking at it they would get the best effect.

For these signs, the exercise is as follows. To relax and imagine that when they inhale a white sparkling flow enters their heart and spills over their body. When exhaled, they should imagine how all negative emotions leave their body in the form of a cloud. After completing the practice, they should drink a glass of clean water in small sips.

Air element represented by Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Representatives of these signs are very emotional and can get angry for no apparent reason. They should work on themselves to change their attitude towards what is happening around them and look for more positive moments.

To get rid of stress, they should work with positive colors and imagine that they are on the beach, in the park or in the mountains.

The representatives of this element should relax, close their eyes and imagine how bright green rays pass through their hands and fill their body. When exhaling, imagine that they are exhaling small dark particles that dissolve in the air. After completing the exercise, they should look out the window or go outside for a few minutes.

The element of water is represented by Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Representatives of these signs are often prone to outbursts of anger and only destructive behavior.. They should not be afraid to say No to those people or proposals that they do not like.

In order to renew their strength and fight stress, these signs need to use fire in their practice. Contemplating the flame of a candle, they should imagine that with each inhalation a bright stream fills their body, and with exhalation all black and gray leaves them. After completing the ritual, they need to put their hands on the flame of the candle to feel the fire and keep this feeling.

These practices will help you fight stress and raise your energy level.