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Gait and character

If you carefully look at the people around you, you can easily determine their character, for this we do not need to have special abilities, we can predict by stoicism, movements, appearance, gesticulation. In addition, we can observe and study their gait, it indicates a reflection not only of the temperament but also of the mood, and also for self-evaluation of the impact with the world.

A quick and impetuous gait

It speaks of a hot nature and passions. People who have such a gait are hardworking, hardy, optimistic and have very good business qualities. In principle, success always accompanies them. Such people think only of themselves and their benefit.

Small steps

Such a gait is a sign of pedantry and capriciousness. People with such a gait are always dissatisfied. They always blame circumstances and other people for their failures, they are not very pleasant to contact. They themselves do not strive for contacts and prefer to live with what they have.

Walking with the heel on the inside

Such a gait is a sign of a cheerful disposition, inquisitiveness, but also the presence of many obsessions. People with such a gait strive to keep up with events and do not miss an opportunity to be close to a person who has great authority in their circle of acquaintances.

A slow steady step

Such a gait is a sign of a calm nature, stability and even life. As a rule, such people do not like changes in life and strive to always control everything. They are true to their principles and keep their promises

A striding gait

It predicts self-confidence and selfishness. People with such a demeanor do what they set out to do and do not like criticism directed at them.

Strenuous gait

It predicts insecurity and the presence of many complexes, which in turn makes the gait even more tense.

A springy gait

The owner of such a gait strives to reach his goals and ideals. He is a careerist by nature and wants to get a lot out of life.

Relaxed gait

A person with such a gait is not interested in anything but his own needs. Even if he has wishes, he does not want to fulfill them, preferring them to happen by themselves.

In addition to the gait, it is necessary to take into account the gesticulation of the hands.

People who actively wave their hands when walking or talking are considered optimistic natures who are sociable and open. They are not only generators of ideas but also active actors.

People who walk without moving their hands, this is a sign that the person is boring and that nothing interests him.

If a person constantly keeps his hands in his pockets, this may mean that he has a lot of problems and he does not know how to act.

The right gait can contribute to success, acquaintance with useful people which can guarantee a fruitful life.