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Reasons for loneliness

Every woman dreams of meeting her soulmate, but often half of her life has passed and she has not yet met her soul mate. The reasons for loneliness often lie in the horoscope. This article aims to find out what prevents different zodiac signs from being happy.


The incredible Aries are famous for their fighting nature. These are the current Amazons who always strive to be first, at work, among friends and at home. But this is not to the taste of many men. Aries are representatives of the fire element, which instead of passionate relationships gives their partners burns.


Taurus is a very nice sign, but they are very mercantile. They will be happy when they have only great wealth and bathe in luxury. But that's nothing if they start trying to make their man their property. And as you know, no man likes that.


The loneliness of these amazing Gemini can be explained by the fact that they do not like restrictions. They are subject to the air element and they need changes, changing partners and not boring family dinners. The compromise they can agree to is a long-distance marriage.


Cancers take family relationships very seriously. Which often scares many of their devotees. At the same time, they are also very offensive and if someone upsets them, they cry a lot. They need a partner who is a stone wall and not a plasterboard that they can always lean on.


Leos have a high opinion of themselves. In their love relationships, they always play theater. They deserve adoration and admiration. Female representatives of the sign will find a partner only if they suppress their pride or find a person who is ready to make a sacrifice for them.


The representatives of this sign are very pedantic and constantly find flaws in their partners. There are few men who are ready to live in conditions of pedantry and sterility. That is why Virgos sit alone so often.


The representatives of this sign are very kind and always have several suitors for their heart. Namely, the presence of many pilgrims prevents them from making the right choice.


Scorpios with their love scare many of their devotees. They love passionately and are very jealous. Living with them is very difficult. Men who do not give them reasons for jealousy and obey them have a chance.


Sagittarians themselves avoid marriage because they feel great in polygamous relationships. They have built a certain image of a man until they find him, they will not decide on such a step.


The representatives of this sign either have a career or strive to rule at home. In the first cases, they don't care about a man, they are constantly overwhelmed with work, and in the second, the men themselves avoid the representatives of the sign and prefer somewhat ambitious ladies.


Aquarians have a rebellious nature and this is the main reason they are alone. They are romantic and wonderful at heart, but they do not have the practicality to have a family. The man who nevertheless made a family with them must know that he will be the main actor in the house.


Loneliness in Pisces is freedom that they choose on a subconscious level. There is no mysterious sign in the zodiac that lives by its own rules. For Pisces, classic marriage is like an illusory world.