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Wake up and find out

Some of the dreams are easy to decipher. But one wonderful night, unknown characters appear in your dream and amaze you with their strangeness. Such pictures can be explained by problems in interpersonal relationships. It should be borne in mind that dreams reflect all the feelings and problems that excite a person. Here are some characteristic images encountered in a dream.

To dream that you receive white roses means sincerity in your partner's intentions.

Jewels on the chest - passionate love

Hand jewels - happiness in marriage

Blooming rosebush - family happiness

To receive a bouquet of flowers means reciprocity

You are in bed with a new partner - life troubles

You are in bed with a giant - you overestimate your capabilities

You are in bed with a dwarf - you underestimate some important work

A woman with a flower in her hair - romantic adventures

A kiss - a meeting before parting

To see a pregnant woman in a dream - problems at work

Rough coercion for sex in a dream means that you will have to suffer humiliation

Betrayal of a loved one failures in affairs.